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Condition of Use

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

NetPackBag would like to welcome your to our site. If for any reason you do not approve of the terms. Please do not continue through the website or proceed to any information held within. By preceding you as a user agrees to act in accordance with all terms and conditions set forth.


Terms and Conditions

Netpackbag holds the right at anytime to alter or revise the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time without notice to you. Any modifications, additions or adjustments shall be effective immediately after change.

Any and all users shall only use Netpackbag for unlawful purposes only. User shall not transmit any information that might be deemed unlawful, threatening, or offensive. Any defamatory or vulgar behavior will not be tolerated and is not prohibited with Netpackbag.

Always check airline regulation for baggage checking size before commit to purchasing of Netpackbag products, will not be held responsible for any over size or over weight charges. 

Users shall not upload or post any of Netpackbag copyrighted materials without permission of the owner of the copyrighted or trademarked materials. User may not alter, modify, disfigure or exploit Netpackbag in any way.

You must register with our website if you would like to make a purchase. During registration user must provide information such as name, mailing address, and e-mail. The information provided will be used solely for contact purposes. Products should be shipped within 1 to 2 business days. If we do not have an item in stock your order will be delayed, and you will be contacted and notified of your status.

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