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Since 1999 after more than 25 years of refinement, Netpackbag is now one of the leaders in bag manufacturing. We are very fortunate that the nature of this business is to provide peace of mind for the general public, excelling in our business means to better serve people around the world. Nevertheless, as a part of this expanding culture, we are not only dedicated on being the choice for travel bags. We also strive to be a dependable partner for our customers.

Research & Development

Travel Bags have been in the history of mankind for centuries. Here at Netpackbag, we strive to continuously develop more modern and efficient bags that can meet the standards of our everyday hectic lives. Netpackbag has transformed and grown into the leading travel bags manufacturer that it is today.

R&D Oriented Management Strategy 

As a Trend Leader

Travel Bags were deemed to be a reliable solution to safeguard any valuables or belongings. The image of a conventional bag has far surpassed the expectations of those 20 years ago. Designing something both stylish and competitive is something we at Netpackbag aim to achieve. We have transformed pieces of materials into a gift item that many corporations proudly use to represent their company in their daily outings. Our various styles also capture the attention of younger crowds who love having some appeal in their life. We will continue to prove that a bag doesn’t have to be bland and dull. You can carry your personal belongings in style!

Exceptional Quality With Affordable Price 

The bag itself and its method to be created can be dated back for centuries, but with the ever changing world, surely todays bags vary from what were used 30 years ago. Netpackbag endeavors the challenges of todays’ modern times to bring something both stylish and resilient to the table. One thing is certain change is a constant standing for Netpackbag.

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