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We at Netpackbag appreciate and value your business. Netpackbag is committed to provide each and every customer with highest satisfaction with every purchase of Netpackbag products. We always strive to provide our customers with unsurpassed services for years to come.


At Netpackbag we are devoted to making the best quality wheeled duffels, business cases and all other products. Our warranty only applies when our product is used under normal conditions.


Warranty explicitly excludes damages cause by: wear and tear over time, unreasonable use (i.e. dragging your duffel on the road behind your bike trip) , neglect, accident, improper handling (i.e. toss your bag form the 3rd floor to your car) or common carrier damage (UPS, Fed ex or any shipping company damage), modifications or alteration done after purchase will void warranty. Include ordinary wear and tear on the plastic protected parts/materials. Moving parts such as wheels, zipper slider, handles and other mechanical parts are not covered under warranty.


Customization Damage

Damages from special personalized decoration, screen imprint, embroidery, modifications, alterations and additions done are not covered by our warranty.


Service Carrier Damage

Federal laws limit damages caused by a common carrier, freight line, messenger service, and express air company to be carrier's responsibility and must be claimed with the carrier at the time it occurs. 


Initiating Warranty

Should you need to initiate a warranty service for your bag, it is your obligation to send the product in question back to Netpackbag Corporate Office. We understand that shipping products back to us may be an inconvenience, however, it's the only way we can ensure that our trained professionals repair your bag with the original replacement parts and quality workmanship.

Send the actual bag (not a picture of the bag) with pre-paid return freight to:


10621 San Sevaine Way

Jurupa Valley, CA 91752



Phone:  626-575-3322

Shipping insurance is strongly recommended for your own protection. Netpackbag is not responsible for any lost or damage to your bag during shipping. It is important to include the following times in your shipment: your name, legible return address, daytime phone number, working e-mail address, a brief description of the problem and nominal $45.00 (Zelle or Credit card) handling fees with original proof of purchases.


Our warranty is for repair or replacement with a similar refurbished product. Repair your product will be our first option, incase if we are unable to perform a repair, we will try to contact you regarding your options. Our warranty does not result in a reimbursement for a new product. You may decide to buy a new replacement product at your own discretion.

A typical production problem due to workmanship defects does not happen after 30 days of use. Netpackbag offers quality repairs and refurbish service for low reasonable cost to all customers with older products. Our service professionals can replace broken or worn out parts for most of our offerings. We will gladly provide you with a written repair estimate at your request.


Cleaning Tips

Do not hard brush the fabric and coating with a stiff brush. Instead, use a soft sponge or cloth with mild hand soap to clean. Do not use bleach. Harsh chemical typically will cause damages to the fabric and the coating on the bag. Do not use washing machine or dryer for cleaning.

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